Wisconsin Home Inspections

Certified Inspection Experts

Tri County Home Inspection is a superior certified home inspection company in Wisconsin. We are among the top inspection firms in the country because we offer a complete home inspection of your house, from the basement to the roof and everything in between.

We only perform meticulous home inspections.

We’ll give you pretty accurate estimate for an inspection’s duration, but it isn’t completed until everything has been checked properly. Our team of Certified Inspection Experts don’t rush through an inspection or take any shortcuts. We’re not done until every aspect of a house is examined, and we know we can put our name behind our work.

Since we don’t stand to make money on either side of a closing, we are able to objectively evaluate the condition of your future house. We serve our clients, and we take that commitment seriously. Giving you, the client, anything less than an honest and impartial judgment on a home is simply unacceptable.


If you live in Southeastern Wisconsin, it is highly recommended you test for radon in your home.

While radon testing is not part of a regular home inspection, it is still important to have done by our home inspectors. Our state of the art testing process takes between 48 and 72 hours and we use  continuous radon monitors for all of our radon testing.

Whether the home is new or old, it may have a radon problem and you won’t be aware of it. You can’t taste, smell or see radon if it’s in your home, so it can’t be detected without testing. Small amounts of radon exposure aren’t necessarily an issue, but exposure at high levels has been linked to lung cancer. Radon is a simple problem to fix – only if it’s known about. Get a radon test done from Tri County Home Inspection on any home you plan on purchasing because peace of mind is invaluable.

Keep in mind our Wisconsin home inspectors only test for radon. We do not offer radon mitigation services, as that would be a conflict of interest. We always recommend our clients use a radon mitigation contractor approved by the State of Wisconsin.

See the list of State of Wisconsin approved radon mitigation companies to find one in your area.


Testing for mold and other pollutants is not included in a standard home inspection. If you suspect a future home has mold problems, testing for it is worth the extra cost. Serious mold problems can be expensive to fix.

Wisconsin requires mold disclosure, but it’s still worth having environmental testing done on your future house. A small fee before closing far outweighs the potentially huge cost of removal and repair afterwards.

Likewise, other in-house pollutants like bed bugs and Chinese drywall pose serious health risks. Our range of environmental testing services make sure your future home does not contain any harmful pollutants. Please see our environmental testing pricing table for more information.

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