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Tri County Home Inspection is Waukesha’s first choice for home inspections.

Whether you’re in Waukesha, Brookfield, North Prairie, Delafield, or Oconomowoc (or anywhere in between), we provide exceptional home inspection service in Waukesha County. Just call 262-225-9668 today.

Our certified home inspection experts have inspected hundreds of homes in Lake Country, as well as the greater Waukesha area. It’s highly likely we can stand on a roof and point out multiple houses we’ve examined in your neighborhood. We’re a locally owned and operated home inspection company in Waukesha County. We love living here, and we love working here.


When you hire Tri-County Home Inspection, you get a thorough home inspection. The interior and exterior are fully examined. We inspect the roofing just as thoroughly as the electrical outlets. We’ll even assess the sidewalks and the fireplace of your future home.

Our inspectors will spend a minimum of two and a half hours on your home inspection, and another 1-3 hours finalizing your inspection report. If an inspector was in-and-out in under two hours, something was likely missed. When we say “thorough home inspection,” we mean it.


If you’re not sold on Tri County Home Inspection yet, we’ve got one more item for you. Not only do we say we’re the best in home inspection, we prove it by putting up our own money with our 200% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Our customer service in the industry is unrivaled but if you’re not in complete agreement, we’re willing to refund your money and pay for another inspection up to the cost of ours to make it right. Simply voice any concerns before signing the inspection agreement and you’ll get your money back – no questions asked.


Our Waukesha area home inspectors also provide radon testing services. A home inspection does not come a radon test, but is nonetheless still important for making a fully-informed purchase.

In-home radon problems are found throughout Southeastern Wisconsin houses, and the only way to determine if your home has unsafe levels of radon is performing a radon test. Radon gas cannot be tasted, smelled or seen by humans, so you may not know if there’s a problem until it’s too late.

Radon is a radioactive gas that causes at least 21,000 lung cancer deaths each year, second only to cigarette smoking. You won’t know if your house has radon above EPA-accepted levels unless we test for it.


If your home has problems with lead paint or dust, nitrates in your water or asbestos, we’ll find out with our environmental testing service.

We also test for indoor air quality as well as for mold & moisture hidden behind walls.

Have a look at our affordable prices for environmental testing for more information. Make sure your future dream house is free of any potential health risks with environmental testing today.


Tri County Home Inspection is known in the Waukesha area because of our honest business practices. We are going to give you, the client, an objective and extremely detailed home inspection with a report you can easily understand so you can make an educated purchase. Plus we live in the area and will likely see you at dinner, local sporting events, school or church. We see our clients all the time and we pride ourselves on our top customer satisfaction and service.

Our clients are the only ones we serve, and we take this seriously. Trust us with your next home inspection and experience the Tri County difference.

Contact Waukesha home inspectors at Tri County Home Inspection today: 262.225.9668