Environmental Testing and Mold Inspection In Wisconsin

Mold Testing In Home

standard home inspection from Tri County Home Inspection does not include testing for mold or an inspection for moisture hidden behind walls, as these must be done separately.

You will want to know about mold issues before closing on your property so they can be taken care of beforehand.

If you need verification of a surface mold, indoor air quality testing, or testing to verify mold remediation was effective, we offer mold testing service at a fair price. Our test results are guaranteed through InspectorLab, the leader in mold testing and lab services.

If you suspect your future home has mold issues, it’s worth the small price to have it checked out. Serious mold problems can be expensive to solve.

Mold remediation can cost anywhere from $500 to $6,000 – and this doesn’t include the cost of any accompanying repairs. Prevention is the cheapest and simplest solution.


Below is a table listing our environmental testing services, the cost of each and the turnaround time.

Service Price Turnaround Time
Mold Starting at $399-$499 3-5 Business Days
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Starting at $499.99 (1 samples) 5-7 Business Days
Water: Bacteria, Nitrates/Nitrites, Lead Starting at $299.99 5-7 Business Days
Chinese Drywall Starting at $299.00 14 Business Days
Lead (Paint/Dust) Starting at $125.00 (2 Samples) 5-7 Business Days
Asbestos  Starting at $175.00  3-5 Business Days
Radon Testing Starting at $179.00 48-72 Hours

*Additional Mold and Air Quality samples can be tested at a cost of $49.99 Per Sample.
*Expedited delivery and reporting available for an additional $29.99.  
*Testing performed without the purchase of a home inspection will incur an additional $99 trip fee. 


If mold is present in a house’s interior walls due to a roof leak, a leaking pipe or chronic water drainage problem, entire sections of the wall will need to be replaced and the source of the moisture will need to be stopped. If there is a mold or moisture problem needing correction, it should be reflected in the purchase price or be a condition that must be met before closing.

Many states don’t require a homeowner to disclose a mold problem and most insurance companies don’t cover the majority of mold damage. Get a mold inspection from Tri County Home Inspection today to protect yourself against future financial concerns.


In addition to the financial concerns associated with in-home mold, there are also health risks connected to mold exposure. Symptoms of mold exposure include mild afflictions such as nasal and sinus congestion, eye irritation, and throat irritation; severe cases may result in fungal infection, asthma and mycotoxin toxicity.

In home mold problems have financial and health risks. Have your future home inspected for mold by Tri County Home Inspection to avoid any easily-preventable issues.


In addition to in-home mold testing, Tri County Home Inspection provides testing for other in-house pollutants including lead paint and dust, Chinese drywall, bed bugs and asbestos. We even test your water quality for bacteria, nitrates and nitrites, and your indoor air quality over all. Our certified home inspectors want you and your family free of health risks in your future home.

Contact environmental testing experts at Tri County Home Inspection to schedule an appointment today.