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Tri County Home Inspection is simply the best choice for home inspections in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Our home inspection team is comprised entirely of Certified Inspection Experts, the highest certification in the industry and the only one requiring on-going quality control verified by a third party.

We pride ourselves on our certification as home inspection experts.

Tri County provides inspections for a wide service area. Call any of our local offices at:

  • Waukesha 262-225-9668
  • Milwaukee 414-433-4983
  • Janesville & Madison 608-531-1441



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While we offer estimates on how long an inspection will last, we will take as much time as necessary to ensure a complete inspection of your home is done.

A complete home inspection includes a thorough examination and a discussion with you at the end. We always tell our clients: if it’s in the report, we’ll discuss it before we leave.

As a general guideline, our inspections range from 2.5 – 3 hours for a house of less than 1,000 square feet to at least 5 hours for a house 4,500 square feet or more.

Keep in mind, various factors will affect the length of an inspection including weather, if the property is occupied during the inspection, or if we run into issues requiring further documentation.

Typically, our certified inspection experts spend 30 to 60 minutes on report preparation and another 1 to 3 hours finalizing the inspection and report before we email you and your real estate agent a copy. If your past home inspector finished everything in an hour or so and handed you a report, something was probably missed.


A comprehensive home inspection is the only kind of inspection we do. Tri County Home Inspection views taking any shortcuts or skipping any portion of a house as a job done wrong. Our inspection checklist includes the entirety of a house, inside and out.

The outside portion is an examination of the house’s structure, roofing and full exterior – this includes the sidewalk, driveway, windows and doors. The inside of the home is also fully scrutinized. Plumbing, heating, electrical and insulation are just a few of the parts of our process.


Tri County Home Inspection stands behind our work and our work ethic. We’re certain we will provide a complete home inspection with unbeatable customer service, and we offer an unprecedented 200% money back guarantee to prove it. You read that correctly – 200%.

Before you write us a check, make sure you’re 100% satisfied with our work. If you’re not, we will refund your money and pay to have your home re-inspected by another inspection company – no questions asked. We do this because our team of certified home inspectors only have the client’s interest in mind.


When you need a home inspection, call the best in the business. Call us anytime and see why clients choose us over the competition. We are a locally owned and operated home inspection company, and we’re here to answer your phone call 24 hours a day. Tri County Home Inspection is Wisconsin’s premier home inspection company.

Contact Wisconsin’s best home inspectors at Tri County Home Inspection today: 262.225.9668. For emergencies, call 262.716.8997.